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Ready for construction

117 apartments will be built by OBOS at Rosenholm, Holmlia, Oslo

· byutvikling,Holmlia,Oslo

Video-update, June 2017:

OBOS prepare for the construction of new blocks in our neighborhood. The lots along the walkway towards Rosenholm station has been cleared of trees. A view apartment is set up - and the sale of apartments in the coming five-storey blocks (on the upper side of the walkway) is already underway.

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Rosenholm, Holmlia, Oslo, Norway, Europe. Photo taken 19. November 2016 by Svend Ole Kvilesjø, (Call me: + 47 90 123 345)

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OBOS salesoffice for the new apartments to be built on both sides of the walkway down to Rosenholm Station at Holmlia in Oslo, Norway. Photo: Svend Ole Kvilesjø,