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The Last Journey


... this is a dead end

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Before winter set in, I made a visit to a strange, sad and creepy car junkjard in Sweden.

On the door of the main house hangs a handwritten warning:

«Tired of countless burglaries. There are traps in the house. We do not care if you get hurt or die. Here, no one can hear you scream.»

And a more friendly note too: «Feel free to take pictures, but do not steal car parts. If you want to buy something, call us.»

The abandoned farm is located deep in the forests of Värmland. In the fields and in the woods around the houses, there are hundreds of old cars. Slowly, slowly they become engulfed by nature.

Please turn up the volume and join me on The Last Journey.

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Idea, photo and editing: Svend Ole Kvilesjø,

Car enthusiasts from all over Europe visit this weird place, especially in spring and summer. If you want to travel there yourself, then you will find a map here. (Feel free to ask me too.)